How it works

  • 1. Know when to Refill!

    When your Waxwing Candle has ½ inch of wax left, it’s time to refill! 

  • 2. Clean your Glass

    To remove the wax fill half of your Waxwing Container with hot (not boiling) water. Wait a couple minutes for your wax to float up. Then dispose your left-over wax (Do not put it down the drain). Clean the inside of your container with warm soapy water and make sure to dry it!

  • 3. Refill!

    Before you refill check that your container doesn’t have any small cracks (if there is it’s time to treat yourself to a new one). Unwrap your refill and on the bottom peel of the backing of the sticky dot. Then place it inside your container and press the refill so that the sticky dot attaches. Done!

Our Starter Kit is here to help!

Our Starter Kit is here to help you get started, includes a Candle and Refill of your choice and you save £4 instead of buying them individually.