Scent Glossery

Clean, Luxury Scents

All our scents are free from parabens, phthalates and toxins. So that you can relax worry-free.

  • "Captures Romance and Luxury"

    Mi Amor is addicting and seductive, which leaves you craving for more. It will be your new obsession.

    An accord of deep, spicy pink pepper and cedar, entwined with delicate orange blossom.

  • "Deep and Seductive"

    With hints of fresh jasmine. Against an unusual yet comforting backdrop of coffee, nestled on a scrumptious base of vanilla and patchouli.

  • "Soothing and Relaxing"

    Caribbean Escape will have you basking in the Caribbean sun surrounded by white sand and blue skies.

  • "The Ultimate Escape"

    This luxurious exotic accord captures the ultimate escape as it blends tropical coconut with exotic fruits...

  • "A holiday in a Candle"

    And soft floral touches of jasmine on a creamy base of vanilla and musk.  

  • "This is the Definition of Relaxing"

    Float away on a cloud of creamy vanilla supported by a light kiss of lavender, enveloping your home in an air of comfort.

  • "Atmospheric not overpowering"

    This rich dreamy fragrance opens with a hint of citrus entwined in a heart of lush lavender, resting on a smooth base of vanilla and amber.

  • "Freshly squeezed Oranges and limes"

    Drift away on a tropical excursion to the north coast of Jamaica.

  • "Mouth-watering"

    The sparkling top note of mandarin twisted with cooling lime zest...

  • "Tropical Excursion"

    Against a backdrop of basil with notes of fresh jasmine water finishing up with a trail of patchouli and musk.

  • "Soft, Sensual and Luxurious"

    Fall into a gentle slumber under flourishing Sakura blossom trees. A sophisticated floral scent comprising of green fruity top notes of plum and neroli..

  • "The perfect balance of floral and fresh"

    Leading to a blend of jasmine and orange blossom resting on a powdery amber and musk base.

  • "Spa Experience"

    Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating and calming spa experience.

  • "Rejuvenating"

    A lush accord with fresh citrus notes of bergamot and orange which leads..

  • "Lush Accord"

    To a white floral heart dominated by jasmine all resting on a rich, earthy base of patchouli.